Best Treatment For Tendonitis - A True Mystery For Many Tendonitis Sufferers

Published: 03rd March 2010
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The best treatment for tendonitis is a true mystery for a lot of tendonitis relief seekers. Some of the best tendonitis treatment information (or should I say available information) on the web directs people to cortisone shots, drugs, physical therapy, surgery, and other modern day medicine techniques or tendonitis treatment methods that never really get to the root cause of most people's tendonitis pain.

Fortunately, the best treatment for tendonitis is not so far out of reach as one might think. The best natural treatment for tendonitis that many tendonitis sufferers should consider, before ever resorting to drugs and surgery, pertains more to lifestyle habits than anything else especially regarding one's food choices.

Food and nutrition, surprisingly enough, hold the key for tendonitis pain sufferers in search of the best treatment for tendonitis. Eliminating simple sugars from candy, junk food, and sodas would be a huge step in the right direction toward getting rid of tendonitis pain. The reason for this is because high spikes in sugar levels raise insulin levels in the body that naturally promote inflammation or tendonitis.

Fresh fruits and vegetables would not only be a good substitute for sugar-laden foods, but they would also constitute as one of the best tendonitis treatments. This is because nutrient rich fruits and vegetables help boost the body's immune system and its ability to repair and heal any damaged tissue, the true cause of tendonitis or any inflammation, for that matter, in the first place.

The kind of water people drink is a significant nutritional detail often overlooked by those with tendonitis who are seeking the best possible treatment for it. It is wise to stay away from regular tap water during tendonitis flare-ups. This is because tap water is more acidic than other types of water. Tendonitis sufferers should consider natural spring or well water that has a much higher pH. This will help flush out toxins and acidic substances in the body.

Herbal ingredients also may represent one of the best treatments for tendonitis. Certain herbs like turmeric, ginger, and devil's claw provide an anti-inflammatory effect on the body dissimilar to regular OTC or prescription drugs. Actions of herbal ingredients inside the body are not well understood unfortunately due to lack of research however the benefits for people with tendonitis and those in search of the best tendonitis treatment should not be ignored.

The best treatment for tendonitis is a true mystery for a lot of tendonitis relief seekers. Fortunately, tendonitis and treatment solutions are not so far out of reach as one might think. A simple change in the lifestyle habits and food choices, in particular, would be a great benefit for tendonitis sufferers in search of the best tendonitis treatment.

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